Kotlin, initial impressions

Like Groovy and Scala before it, Kotlin is a new programming language for development on the JVM. After reading that Kotlin was being developed by Jetbrains, the folks behind the incredible Java IDE IntelliJ, I decided to give it a try a few weeks ago. Here are some of my... [Read More]
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IMMT 2016

IMMT ‘16 Complete! 13:31:39 Swim:1:24:52 The swim is a single “loop”, with a different start and end location. The start was actually quite a walk from transition, ~8-10 minutes to walk there. Extremely crowded at the start, had to put my wet suit on on the road before entering the... [Read More]
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IMLP 2016

IMLP ‘16 Complete! 13:03:14, Not a PR for me but I wasn’t anticipating one, I cut back on training this year compared to last. Still only ~6 minutes slower, not too bad (12:57:37 in ‘15). Swim (01:15:26) The swim went well, it was foggy the first lap so it was... [Read More]
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